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Our Waste Transfer Facility offers Businesses a licensed site to dispose of your inert building and demolition waste.

We can deliver our aggregates direct to your site and we also allow collection from our facility.

We offer various recycled / quarried aggregates, stone and soil. We can weigh on site for you.

Our Yard can transfer any type of inert material and process them on site including:

  • Concrete

  • Bricks

  • Bituminous Mixtures (Tarmac & Planings)

  • Soil

  • Stone

  • Mixed Concrete / Bricks / Tiles / Ceramics

  • Recycled Type 1

  • Crushed Concrete 6F2

We have grab and tipper lorries to transport the material to and from site location to yard.

Please contact our office -

to book call 01386 55 22 55

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